Monday, May 19, 2008

Disappointment over Lack of Big Momma House Sequels

I think any movie that has a sequel should be a trilogy, especially if it's Big Momma's House. I just assumed that this was the plan, that I would see a third movie in pre-production if I did an imdb search, but I was sorely disappointed (though I was very happy to discover that the German release was titled Big Mamas Haus). As an homage to the series, I wish to list some ideas for Twentieth Century Fox to kick around should they notice the gold mine upon which they sit.

- Big Momma's House 3: Big Momma Still in da House

- Big Momma's House 4-Real: A Big Momma Christmas: You Going to Eat That? PS. Big Momma Loves to Eat

- Big Momma's House 4: The Return of Big Momma: This Momma Just Got Bigger! Big Momma Returns

- Big Momma's House 5: Did it Just Get Sassy in Here? Big Momma Got Something to Say

- Big Momma's House 5: Big Momma v. Shark: "Ain't no Jaws Bigger than Mine": The Revenge of Big Momma

- Big Momma's House 5: Big Momma Drinks A Ginger Ale on the Porch: Sunday Afternoon Big Momma: Big Momma Hangs Out

- Big Momma's House 6: Big Momma Fights Them on the Beaches: Time-Traveling Big Momma

- Big Momma's House 6: Big Momma Demands More Fries With That: Big Momma Loves to Eat 2: Famous Binges of Big Momma

- Big Momma's House 6: Big Momma in Space: Ain't No Rocket Strong Enough: The Adventures of Big Momma: Big Momma's Cosmic Space-House

I realize that Big Momma is not an actual person in the movie, but a mere disguise for an FBI agent of sorts. That is the only edit I would make for future titles. Let's just make her exist, okay? Let's just make these movies about her.

And I'll reiterate: gold mine.