Sunday, February 15, 2009


My friend Josh and I were out and about today, on our way to see our second castle of the day (New York City has a lot of castles, if you know where to look). But the best sighting of the day ended up happening on the subway ride there. It was the most amazing man/book combination ever to exist in the world. Across from us on the A-train was a very serious-looking guy in his mid to late forties, with tortoise-shell glasses and a heavy black coat. He was utterly absorbed in his book.

The book was simply entitled HAMSTER. It had a giant, terribly cropped photograph of a hamster on the cover.

Not Owning A Hamster or Your New Pet Hamster or even just Hamsters. HAMSTER. The title was HAMSTER. Just in-your-face, cut-to-the-chase HAMSTER. Let us have no disjunct between the subject of the book and the title. Let us have no confusion about what kind of information is between the covers of this book.

HAMSTER. I've included the cover design below. I see with some disappointment that the title actually included a definite article. Please disregard this.

Thank you, Mr. Serious, for your love of HAMSTER.

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