Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get off your high tauntaun, Tim Siedell

I really hate this article. HATE IT. I know I've written about Sex and the City too much before. Maybe ignoring it instead of actively hating it would be better. But I can't. This is my duty. THIS WILL NOT STAND. Get off your fucking high tauntaun, Tim Siedell.

Listen dickbomb, it is not even remotely acceptable to imply that women like Sex and the City. No. It's not women. Women aren't the audience. It's lame-tards who like it. Lame-tards who happen to have a double X all up in their helix. The Venn diagram between lame-tards and women, I hope, has a small overlap. I don't know, but I hope. I do know that everything within that overlap is a Sex and the City fan. And the rest of us aren't. Don't you even THINK of insulting us with your lazy, worthless observations. And if you wrote it based on your own experience with women, then I'm really sorry for you. Don't get me wrong: I'm sorry for you in absolutely the most condescending way possible. No sympathy here. Just harsh pity.

By the way, SATC is not our Star Wars. You want to know what our Star Wars is? Motherfucking Star Wars, asshole.

Don't you dare make having a dick a requirement for good taste.

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