Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bears Naked

A frequent hobby of mine is to scroll through National Geographic's online archive of nature photography. Although I typically use this as a method of procrastination, it works better than Facebook, Youtube, blah blah social media stuff, because basking in the glory of nature is a pretty legitimate time-passer. I may not get my newest assignment done, but that's okay, I rejoiced about being born on this amazing planet, in which every fold, nook and curve reveals wonder, life and beauty! It wasn't as if I was watching dick jokes on College Humor! Oh, how I struggle for my own legitimacy.

Anyway, today I found two unique photos of bears, that to me seemed to be telling a very romantic story. Part one: boy bear meets girl bear, boy bear likes girl bear, they hold hands. Part two: Boy bear now a man bear, girl bear now a woman bear, each bear knows the other is their soul mate, man bear proposes to woman bear.

Pretty adorable, right? Just let me anthropomorphize this once.

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