Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jurassic Fight Club

I'm seriously obsessed with this show, and am going to try to post a review of every episode this season. The best part is when the dinosaurs fight (the titular conceit), but there are a lot of other great parts too. For example, I love how every paleontologist just seems so relieved that people are still interested in dinosaurs, and how many white lies they will tell in each episode to foster that interest.

It's like, relax, guys. You study enormous lizards. There's weird controversies and huge claws and sharp teeth and small brains and Ian Malcolm talking about Chaos Theory. The only people who aren't interested by that are grade A dink-holes.

That's right. They got the grade A in dink hole class. It's harsh, but y'all know it's true.


Shawn Mitchell said...

A? More like A+. Am I right? Or am I right. You know I'm right. A+. Like, one better than A. I'm so totally right. I'm very funny. I'm going to pitch a series about how funny I am. A+! I mean, really. Come on. Kiss it. A+. Once, I made a girl cry Pepsi. That's how funny I am. I turn water into Pepsi. A+. Case closed on that funny pelvis. A+.

Anonymous said...

I would watch a show about how Shawn Mitchell is funny, for reals. I'd call it: Shawn Mitchell: Laugh-al-lot Man: The No Seriousness Zone: Silly-Time Express!

Remember when it was head-touching time?!?!? Memories...