Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Review!

It can be found here:


Also, just because I haven't written about Michael Jackson's death in any sort of timely fashion does not mean that there is not a monster of a post sitting in my drafts that may or may not make its way onto this blog in the next day or so. Unlike all those other selfish MJ bloggers, I am giving you lots of fair warning.

And one more thing: Ricky Gervais has an opinion on whether Britain or America is at the forefront of comedy.


As a child of British parents now living in the (at least symbolic) center of American comedy and raised with the weird brackish water of both sensibilities that is Canadian humour, I a) proclaim myself an expert and b) expertly concur*. I also want to posit that if Americans are raised to believe they can be anything they want and Brits are raised to believe that's just not how life goes, then Canadians are raised to believe that sure, they can be anything they want, if they really want to be that thing to 30 million people at the very most, and of course, much less if we're being realistic, because most Canadians are just too busy developing healthy relationships with themselves and the world to get too caught up in what some stranger like you is doing anyway, but good luck nonetheless!

*Excluding Peep Show, Look Around You and anything Ricky Gervais himself has ever done.

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