Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh Canada, You Know I Be Standin' On Guard for Thee!

On this, your day of celebration,
142 years since Confederation,
I miss you so much, Cana-doo;
More majestic than any Xanadu.
More serene than the Zenniest Zen -
It almost makes DFW's O.N.A.N.,
Have some appeal, if only so I might say
I live in Canada, though technically, it's the USA.

I miss parliaments that get dissolved by queens,
and going as "kid-in-snowsuit" most Halloweens.
That anthem line I sang in grade school,
Will remain the one I sing, cuz fool(!);
A notion I just can't revise,
Is that "with glowworms' hearts, we see the rise".
And I guess this is my long way of saying,
Happy birthday, and thanks for staying
The True North, strong and free.
And I miss you lots, Oh Cana-dee,
And I'll see you soon, Oh Cana-doo.
Still so proud of that rhyme I made with Xanadu.

Even though it makes no sense,
Because your name is Canada.

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