Monday, January 25, 2010


Generally, I eschew all belief in people-centric otherworldly things. I believe there are infinite things in the universe that would absolutely blow my mind open, but ghosts, gods and fate I am against: I think it's hubris to expect the universe to waste any of its energy (potential or kinetic) on lil ol' us. It's huge and mysterious, guys. It makes quasars, nebulas and comets (those are things we actually know about - think of the shit ton we don't!). It has more important things to do than humour humanity by carefully weaving destiny into our lives and afterlives.

Plus, even if it was going to bother with investing in life on earth, don't you think it would have chosen the dinosaurs over us? I would have, if I was the universe.

However, when you are running in Fort Greene Park on the first warm night in New York in months and there's a gibbous moon in the sky and the grass is shining from the afternoon's rain and then you suddenly get the feeling that you are not just listening to Freddie Mercury on your iPod, but that somewhere along the way, he has kind of just hopped into your soul to say hello and hang out with you, you don't say no to him because 99% of the time you don't believe this kind of thing can happen.