Friday, August 28, 2009

Google Poetry

To my knowledge, I have never searched any of these sentences on Google, though I suppose it's not impossible that I asked it why I fart so much, or became seriously curious as to why a movie was called "Bees".


Anonymous said...

So many of these reveal deep sad things about human beings worldwide. It's fucking poignant, in an unfortunate way (Google?). "Why won't he propose"?? Can you imagine the level of personal frustration it would take to type that sentence into the air? As if expecting the Internet gods to explain love to you. I wonder if Google predicts these, or if they are ranked according to the frequency they're searched. Either way. Poor humans.

beckyferreira said...

Totally. The "why won't" one reveals a lot of boring, frustrated women. I was kind of hoping there would be "why won't teleportation devices be patented?" kinds of questions.

Paul G. said...

It turns out Becky Ferreira is Latin for "Way ahead of the curve, you fancy blog called Slate."