Monday, August 3, 2009


Whenever you see a misspelling of the there-their-they're, your-you're, it's-its (et al.) variety, I recommend trying to make as much sense out of the sentence with its error as possible. Like, take a benign sentence "that's there dog": well, this is obviously a sentence about a "there dog", some specific dog ("that's") which has the uncanny ability to be right there. "Its fantastic": well that fantastic - fantastic being an item - belongs to that "it". As in, "don't touch that fantastic! That fantastic belongs to It!" It's not like they often make sense, but you get to force words to do things they don't want to do; an end in itself.

I was excited to find this one:

I can only imagine what having your very own The F*!king Best! might entail.

PS. I am super-proud of this post's title....even though I think they're actually homophones.


Paul G. said...

Alternative title: Homophobia, pronounced HAHM-uh-foh-bia, (ironically making the word homograph, instead of a homophone).

beckyferreira said...