Friday, February 19, 2010

Important Scientific Advances

The lovely and talented Dru Johnston has allowed me the opportunity to guest blog on his awesome website Year of the Blog. Please do check it out - Dru has been creating a new blog every day since last April which means he has been unfailingly hilarious DAILY for almost a full 365 days. The only other person that's that funny that often is Jerry from accounting with all his googly eyes and whoopee cushions! What a cut-up!

I blogged about an emerging new field called paleocosmology: the study of dinosaur activity in outer space. If this fascinating new discipline piques your interest, you can read more about it here. I will be posting new discoveries as they come.

Also, I want to note that today I stepped into an elevator with a man and his dog. You know what I bet dogs think when they ride elevators? That the elevator is a box to hide in while the entire world outside rapidly changes. The door doesn't slide open to a different floor. That's a whole new world they step out into.

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