Monday, February 8, 2010

Make Way for Make Way for Tomorrow

The last time I was in LA, my friend Simon took me to the Billy Wilder Theater to see something called "Curated by Guy Maddin." You know what it was? Two old movies Guy Maddin wanted us to see. Simon knows exactly what is aces. He is also the discoverer of the Institute of Jurassic Technology; I'm convinced it didn't exist until he saw it.

The first movie was called Secrets, and was awesome and schmaltzy and ridiculous and very, very full of Mary Pickford. It's not the one I care so much about.

The second was Make Way for Tomorrow, and is is the one I care very much about. It seriously made my soul explode. It is the most wonderfully sad film ever made. You may say, "that's a huge assertion, Becky. You haven't seen every sad movie there is." And I'd say "F*ck you! That's the kind of bullshit someone who hasn't seen this movie would say!" I'd apologize to you for overreacting, but I'd still secretly know if you were in my position, you'd have been just as passionate about it, and would have used as many if not more expletives in your response.

After I glued my exploded soul back together, I was to be further disappointed to find that this movie wasn't available on DVD. Now, Criterion has solved this problem for me, and given me a Seth-illustrated cover to boot. Please do yourself a favour and buy this movie. I don't want to ruin anything so I'll only say this: you will feel feelings.

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